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The ramblings of King Louis XL the Pope Se7en

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King Louis XL
31 December
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What up y'all. This is your good friend Louis Frohock. 9th grader at Homewood High School. I love music, poetry, books, art, and a lot more. At school I may dress a certain way but don't judge me on the clothes I wear I am always looking for new friends. At school I am willing to be anyone's friend. Except for some select 9th graders who I just find repulsive and only talk to because I am a good person. I am into WWE/TNA/other wrestling stuff.

If you want to be a friend add me and i'll add you back without a second thought. Unless you're one of the people who I dispise.

My old livejournal Lord_frohock is not used by me anymore. I'll let people read it for 5 dollars.

I love getting money so if you want to give me some, that's cool.

P.S. The Winekone rules, go watch his stuff on youtube.com

P.S.S Youtube rocks