King Louis XL (l_frohock_007) wrote,
King Louis XL

Grendels Mom

She sat in her lair, inspecting her last kill when Grendel crawled into her lair and fell against the wall with an anguish cry and died against the wall. Grendels mom gave out an aguished cry of her own and took off towards Herot to exact her revenge on those that had killed her child that was hers and only hers.

She got to Herot and ripped the door off the hinges and ran into Herot and started exacting her revenge. She killed three soldiers, killed another and kept going relentless in her pursuit of revenge. She jumped to the rafters and took her sons arm that she saw had been hung up like a piece of meat waiting to be salted. On her way out she took another soldier and two and ran out carrying the arm close to her letting tears shed down her front as if it was just rain falling down in a rainforest.

In her lair she held the arm of her arm close to her and cried away the night while her only son layed against the wall dead, no one can bring back what was the thing that had made her life complete. She swore revenge on the murderer of her son and if he would not come here to her lair by the next few days she would go to Herot and kill as many as she could until she killed them all and her sons murderer. She fell asleep with tears leaving her eyes..

The next time she awoke there stood warriors outside her lair, she arose to fight them and was ready for the fight. The swords did nothing to her as usual and she was pleased with the fear in their eyes she tackled the main one to the ground and took her dagger and stabbed into his chest, when he did not die instantly she was agausted and was angered even more. HE got out from under her and grabbed the giant sword she had won years before in a game of wits and speed, and he took it and swung it down into her throat.

She saw the eyes of this warrior and knew he was the one that killed her son since he was so strong and valiant. This death would be honorable because of that. Her head fell off and she passed into the void and thus the life of Grendel and Grendel's mother had been extenguished for good.
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